Anita E. Spiess M.D.

Doctor Spiess has practiced medicine as a gastroenterologist for more then 12 years in the northwest suburbs of Chicago.

She is the current Chief of Gastroenterology Services at Northwest Community Hospital in Arlington Heights, Illinois.

She is highly regarded by both her peers and the clinical staffs at the four hospitals in which she as earned privileges.

Doctor Spiess is a wife, mother and sister in a family that resides in the area.

Doctor Spiess is known for her knowledge, skills experience and professionalism.

Patients of Doctor Spiess suggest ” she has a gifted bedside manner” and “exhibits both compassion and good judgement in her work.”

Q.: I am a diabetic. Do I have to do anything different?

A.: No. Follow the diet instructions as outlined on the information sheet. take your medications as you normally would.

Q.: Can I take my medications the night before the procedure?

A.: Yes.

Q.: Can I stay at the hospital until someone can pick me up, or must they stay and wait?

A.: Your driver can drop you off and pick you up, or they may stay at the hospital and wait for you.

Q.: Do I have to remove my nail polish and jewelry?

A.: No.

Q.: Is there somewhere to put my things during the procedure?

A.: Yes. They will either be placed in a bag under the bed you will be lying on or they will be placed in a locker. Each hospital has different storage capabilities.

Q.: How long am I at the hospital?

A.: We typically estimate that, from the time you enter the hospital to the time you leave, is approximately 3 hours total. This is an approximation and does not account for unforeseen circumstances that could either lengthen the time or shorten it.

Q.: Can I return to work after the procedure?

A.: No. Because of the sedation you are given, your judgement may be impaired for a few hours after the procedure. Therefore, you should not do any activities that require your mind to be sharp–i.e. working, driving, or making major decisions.

Q.: Will I have an chance to speak to the doctor before and after the procedure?

A.: Yes. The doctor will speak to you in the procedure room prior to starting the procedure. During this time, the doctor will typically ask you questions about the reason you are having the procedure, obtain pertinent medical information from you, and will also explain how the procedure works. You will have the opportunity at that time to ask any questions you may have.

Q.: Will I be back to normal the next day?

A.: Yes. You may return to your regular activities the following day.

Q.: Can I mix the power prep with any liquid?

A.: No. It has to be with water.

Q.: Is red jello or flavoring OK?

A.: No.

Q.: Do I have to remove my dentures, bridges, or any other dental fixtures?

A.: If you have removable dental fixtures and you are having an esophagastroduodenoscopy (EGD),then they will need to be removed. This is typically done in the procedure room just prior to starting the procedure. Otherwise you do not have to remove them.

Q.: Can I have milk in my coffee?

A.: No.

Q.: Can I have a protein drink?

A.: No.

Q.: Should I go by your prep instructions or the ones on the box?

A.: Follow our instructions.

Q.: Is passing a lot of gas/air normal after the procedure?

A.: Yes. Some air is put into the colon during the course of the procedure.

Q.: Can I have hard candy or gum?

A.: No.

Q.: When will I have a bowel movement?

A.: Everyone is different as to how soon they respond to the preparation. In general, you should start having a bowel movement within 2-3 hours of starting the preparation.